Berthing Facilities

To facilitate the export and import of the oils, a dedicated jetty was built adjacent to the Terminal. The jetty that is owned, managed and operated by Bintulu Port Sdn Bhd is currently capable to accommodate 2 vessels up to 50,000 dwt (max 220m LOA) at any one time and a small berth to accommodate vessel up to 120m LOA. The jetty is also equipped with fire fighting facilities, crane, water supply and continuously monitored via CCTV.

BBSB's provides 13 units of 10 inches pipelines to the jetty, a distance of approximately 500 meters from the pump house. Loading/unloading can be undertaken from means of 6 inches flexible hoses. :

  1. Palm Oil Northern 1 (PON 1) and Palm Oil Southern (POS)
  2. No of Berth 2
    Vessel Size
    50,000 dwt (max 220m LOA)
    Depth Alongside 14 meters
    Export Pipelines 10 lines
    Other Facilities Fire fighting, crane, water supply and CCTV

  1. Palm Oil Northern 2 (PON 2)
  2. No of Berth 1
    Vessel Size
    10,000 dwt (max 120m LOA)
    Depth Alongside 10 meters
    Pipelines 3 units