Operation Management System

Storage tanks were installed with Tank Gauging System (ATG)which provides live and historical data on the volume, temperature and weight of the oil. The system is an important component of BBSB’s total Operation Management System that is used for the terminal main activities as follows: 

A. Bulking/Despatch Operations

The system is used to monitor and control the bulking or despatch of oils by pipelines and road tankers. The availability of the system at the Terminal reduces the possibility of under or over bulking/despatch of oil and save the cost of under/over stocking of oil at the terminal as it provides live data on the volume of oil upon entering or leaving the storage tanks. 
With this system in place at BBSB’s terminal, our customers do not have to invest in similar system at their refineries as the bulking and despatch volume can be monitored and controlled from the BBSB’s terminal control room.


B. Loading/Unloading Operations

During ship operations, the gauging system plays an important role in assisting the control room personnel in ensuring the correct volume to be loaded or received from the ship. It also provides the data on the flow rate of the oil during the operations, which is vital for ensuring the desired pumping rate is achieved.

Loading OperationsLoading Operations

C. Laboratory

The terminal is equipped with full-ranged laboratory required for the analysis of oil, which is run by a qualified Chemist.


D. Security

BBSB is manned by trained security personnel and maintained a strict security procedure during receiving and despatch of oil to and from the Terminal. Bintulu Port’s security personnel are securing access to the jetty from shore and seaside. The seaside approach and the port water limits are being regularly patrolled by BPSB marine police and the Malaysian Royal Police.