Auxiliary Services

Supply of fresh water

Fresh water is available at all times for supply to ships. Delivery and supply is through hydrants at the bulk and general cargo berths, container terminal and the petroleum jetty.


Stevedores and cargo handling equipment are supplied by BPSB on three (3) shifts operations.


Bunker is available round the clock at the Petroleum Jetty. Bunker is supplied by Petronas Dagangan Berhad and Shell Timur Sdn. Bhd.


Bintulu Port has a team of divers on standby at any time of the day to assist ship in distress or to undertake search and rescue operations.


In order to ensure security cargo in its custody and of vessels at berth and anchorage within its water limits, BPSB undertakes security surveillance services 24-hours a day on land and sea.

Stevedoring and Handling

Stevedoring and handling services are provided on a three (3) shifts operation basis. Stevedorage services are undertaken by appointed companies under the supervision of BPSB while handling services are undertaken directly by BPSB. All stevedores and equipment operators have to undergo qualifying tests before they are officially appointed to ensure efficient and effective transfer of goods through the port.

On Dock Maintenance and Repairs

Bintulu Port also provides maintenance and repairs services for containers through its appointed company, PremierPath System Sdn Bhd. Maintenance and repairs of containers are done on site.

Cargo Gears

BPSB provide the hiring of cargo gears for the handling of general and breakbulk cargo.