Conventional Charges


Payable by all vessels using Bintulu Port wharves or jetties. Dues are based on LOA of vessel and the time it spends at the berth.

Type Per Tonne / Part Thereof
Palletised or unitised cargo RM4.50
Bagged cargo (rice, sugar, salt) RM3.50
Other bagged cargo RM5.00
Other general cargo RM6.00
Sawn timber in bundles RM3.50
Heavy lift of 3 tonnes and above RM11.00
Bulky lift of over 3 cu.m per lift RM11.00
Long lift of over 9m in length RM11.00
Dry bulk cargo RM1.00
Liquid Bulk Cargo RM0.30
Vehicle Per Unit
Ro-ro RM25.00 each
Lo-lo RM9.00 per tonne or part thereof
Other Stevedores Charges

Stevedores on stand-by:
When a gang is ready but not used, a stand-by charge of RM38 per half hour are levied. No charge is levied if gang is idle for reasons beyond the control of vessels, e.g. bad weather, no Custom clearance.

  • Working during meal breaks: RM38 per gang per half hour
  • Transhipment cargo: 10% rebate on normal stevedorage rates
  • Gang Cancellation : For gang ordered but not utilised, a cancellation fee at the following rates shall be payable:
    • Gang ordered for weekdays RM50 per gang
    • Gang ordered for Sundays/public holidays RM100 per gang

Charges for Account of Shipper or Consignee

Indirect Charges
Indirect charges in respect of the following goods are levied as follows:

Per Tonne / Part thereof
Dry/ break bulk cargo at wharf RM0.50
Liquid bulk cargo (crude oil) RM1.00
Other liquid bulk cargo RM0.50
Cargo at anchorage/private jetty RM0.70

Container (Conventional Handling Rates)

Per Unit Laden Empty Shifting Per Tonne
Per Box, up to 20 ft in length RM 60 RM 30 i) on same level in same hold RM 5
Per box, up to 40ft in length RM 80 RM 40 ii) Between levels in same hold RM 7
      iii) Between hatches via wharf RM 10

Handling Charges/Break Bulk Cargo

Night Services: Via Shed Per Tonne Direct Shipping or Delivery
Palletised RM7.00 RM5.00
Bagged (rice, sugar, salt) RM4.50 RM2.50
Other bagged cargo RM7.00 RM5.00
Other general cargo RM7.50 RM5.50
Sawn timber in bundles RM5.00 RM4.00
Heavy cargo > 3 tonnes RM8.50 RM6.50
Bulky cargo > 3 cu.m RM8.50 RM6.50
Long cargo > 9m RM8.50 RM6.50
Lo-lo (Per Vehicle) RM7.70 RM6.00
Ro-ro (Per Vehicle) RM22.00(each) RM15.00(each)

Handling Charges Break Bulk Cargo
Handling charges shall be payable at the following rates:

Up to 20ft in length Above 20ft in length
Loaded container per unit RM 80 RM 160
Empty container per unit RM 50 RM 100

Handling Charges Dry Bulk Cargo
Handling charges shall be payable at the following rates:

Cargo Type Per Tonne / Part Thereof
Dry Bulk Cargo RM 11.00 (inclusive of stevedore, handling and port indirect)