Marine Charges

Berth Occupancy

Payable by all vessels using Bintulu Port wharves or jetties. Dues are based on LOA of vessel and the time it spends at the berth.

Type Per Metre Hour or Part Thereof
General cargo berth/Container Terminal RM1.00
Bulk Cargo Berth RM2.30
Petroleum Jetty RM5.00
LPG Jetty RM5.50


LOA of Vessel Within Port Limits (per movement) To or From single Buoy Mooring
Under 30m RM 210 RM 256
31 - 60m RM 245 RM 333
61 - 90m RM 295 RM 410
91 - 120m RM 360 RM 487
121 - 150m RM 430 RM 564
Over 150m RM 525 RM 641

On public holidays, the dues payable are doubled.

Night Services: An additional RM80 is levied for services between 6 pm to 6 am the following day.
Pilot Cancellation: For cancellations or amendments made less than two (2) hours before the time requested on the original booking a charge of RM200 per occasion is levied.
Pilot Detention: When pilot is detained on board a vessel at pilot boarding ground, the following charges shall be payable:
Under 30 Minutes: nil
31 - 60 Minutes: RM 60
More than 60 minutes: RM 200

Port Dues

Type Length of Stay Per Metre Visit
Payable by all vessels except those owned by the Malaysian Government, vessels below 25m LOA ; warships including troop carriers; and vessels on innocent passage Bulk Cargo Berth 30 days and less RM 5.50
Above 30 days RM 16.50

Water Supply

From wharves

RM3.00 per 1,000 litres, subject to a minimum charge or RM100.00 per occasion.

From waterboat

RM5.50 per 1,000 litres, subject to a minimum charge or RM120.00 per occasion.