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Bintulu Port creates green bubble for workplace safety

3 February 2021


Disinfection Exercise 
A Bintulu Port Holdings Berhad employee performs the disinfection exercise inside a BPHB ship.


KUCHING: Bintulu Port Sdn Bhd (BPSB), the operator of Bintulu Port has upped the ante in creating a safer working environment in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The latest initiative is the implementation of Quantum Fusion Resonance Disinfectant Coating Technology in its key facilities and work spaces to provide protection against the Covid-19 virus in the workplace.

Bintulu Port Group chief executive officer Datuk Mohammad Medan Abdullah said the enhanced sanitation process covered key areas and high-touched locations such as vessels, machineries and office spaces.

He said Bintulu Port was one of the first ports in world to utilise the latest technology as a means to build a green bubble in the workplace on top of the standard operating procedure (SOP) recommended by the Ministry of Health and the other SOPs already put in place by the port operator.

Recently, BPSB has also implemented the concept of ‘cantonisation’ of operations, whereby different aspects of the operations and areas in the port were demarcated as ‘cantons’ with defined virtual parameters and distinct demarcations to ensure better monitoring and, if necessary, segregation of any areas that may be affected by the pandemic.

Mohammad Medan said, “For us, the safety of the staff and port workers is of paramount importance in order to keep the port services going and ensuring that essential supplies and the critical services of ports and logistics are not cut off or disrupted.

“We are looking at every angle and enhancing them to create a ‘green bubble effect’. We believe that a new normal of holistic prevention is the path forward. The holistic approach when implemented is an investment for our economy and the future.”

He said the port operator was attracted by the state of the art Quantum Fusion Resonance Surface Technology which had the ability to kill pathogens, in particular Covid-19 virus on any coated surfaces.

The efficacy of the coating is continuous, 24/7 for a year, thereby reducing the need to do frequent sanitisation programmes as required by conventional off-the-shelf products, he said.

The Surface Disinfectant Coating product and technology is provided by a local company, Fusion Nano Technology (M) Sdn Bhd.

The Quantum Fusion Resonance Surface Disinfectant Technology is invented with patent pending internationally including Malaysia. The product has been applied in Singapore as well as Malaysia.

Source: Sarawak Tribune